Karen Ruedi Crowell '72

I love Knox because of it's abolitionist history and what it stands for.

John Drake '80

My favorite is that any time of year, whenever I’m in the area, I can stop by the campus, walk through, and feel quite at home, even after 30 some years. I've walked through Old Main on a hot July Sunday when no one else seemed to be on the campus and walked through the Quads in a snowstorm. Even though there are physical changes (the absence of balconies in the Quads in particular), there's an appealing timelessness to our campus.

Linda Lobik '79

A sense of history, for both Knox and Galesburg, which would strike me every time I walked past Old Main and saw the plaque commemorating the Lincoln Douglas Debate; traveling to Carl Sandburg's birthplace, not far off campus; and even walking on the brick sidewalks.

Nancy McLellan Merritt '32

Organ students had to use the organ in Beecher Chapel. One of my happy memories was hearing the organ students playing their scales on the pedals. The year I lived on the back of Whiting Hall was punctuated by the sound of those scales, up and down.

Christine Poelma '71

I love being able to stand on the last existing site of the Lincoln-Douglas debates

Marcy Wiget '04

Like so many others, my favorite things about Knox, and the first things I think of--Old Main and the Lincoln-Douglas debate held there, the brick sidewalks, watching the cricketers out on the lawn, falling asleep everywhere in Seymour Library (oh, and studying and working too), Studio lobby and so many acting classes there, the professors who taught me how to think critically and the friends who continue to help me laugh--every day, I am glad that I went to Knox.

Catherine Denial
Assistant Professor of History

My office, which sits looking out over the same piece of land Lincoln and Douglas faced in their fifth debate. From my window I can see students walking between classes, professors and staff members on their way to and from work, students practicing yoga, and dance, and fencing.

Nancy McLellan Merritt '32

Starting with the corner of Whiting Hall, Beecher Chapel was the next building, then King Cole's Book Shop, then The Conservatory -- housed in an old dwelling -- then the Galesburg Public Library. In front of all this passed the local trolley in the middle of the street. Across the street was Galesburg High School.

Betty Nowlen Walton '50

1946-1950 were the best days for anyone to go to Knox. It was when the GI's came back from World War II.

Ward Knockemus '55

I love Knox because it's a Lincoln-Douglas debate site. I always sit on the Lincoln bench when I visit!

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