Steve Fox Yasukawa '06

I continue to believe that Green Oaks was the most significant element of my education at Knox. Even with all of the changes that time and subsequent groups contribute to the property, it is the single place where I feel completely at home. Whenever I am in the general vicinity I make a point to visit there, even though I usually leave scratching the poison ivy blisters that spread everywhere. I've been in Seattle almost five years now and been to Washington's rainforest, glacial lakes, craggy mountains, vast Palouse planes, and up its gigantic volcanoes. I worked in Alaska where there are more glaciers than people, and the geology is greater than that of heaven. That said none of it is as significant as Green Oaks (our woodlands, our cornfields). That place will always be home.

Margaret Fleetwood '04

The metal cabinets in the basement of SMC -- the ones adorned with typewritten labels indicating bizarre old samples, and the ones labeled by students with funny things like "Gateway to Narnia" or "Bad First Years." What a delightful collection.

Rose Dunphy McAndrew '02

I love the library. It's beautiful!

Gemma Truman Billings '03

The gingko tree in front of Seymour library.
Staying up late with fellow procrastinators writing papers at the Gizmo patio.
The couch in front of Sigma Nu.

Janelle Curtis Eckdahl '01

I love Knox because I got to know my professors personally, I met my husband there, and I had the opportunity to get involved with many different things.

Elizabeth Grana '06

Choosing Knox was the best decision of my life. I got a well-rounded, fantastic education, I had teachers who truly cared about the well-being of my education, and I make friends that will last a lifetime.

Margaret Fleetwood '04

The seemingly endless nature of Seymour Library. Every time I walk into that place, even now, I find some wonderful new spot good for reading, spreading out and studying, or (more realistically) napping.

Marcy Wiget '04

Like so many others, my favorite things about Knox, and the first things I think of--Old Main and the Lincoln-Douglas debate held there, the brick sidewalks, watching the cricketers out on the lawn, falling asleep everywhere in Seymour Library (oh, and studying and working too), Studio lobby and so many acting classes there, the professors who taught me how to think critically and the friends who continue to help me laugh--every day, I am glad that I went to Knox.

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