Shirley Huggins Cooper '77

I loved studying trilobites with Dr. DeMott, and field trips with Dewey Moore were highlights.

Nancy Rayburn Bryant '78

What I treasure most, and the reason I gladly sent my son to Knox (Nolan Bryant ’09), was the dedication of the Knox faculty.  I would like to recognize, in particular: Dr. Dorothy Granskog, who introduced me to educational psychology and the underpinnings of my life's work; Dr. Harlan Knosher, head coach, who taped my ankles himself before the first ever Knox women's volleyball game; Drs. Wayne Green and John Boyd, who taught me introductory physics as an independent study -- and I was a senior elementary education major; Ms. Michele Loomis, coach extraordinaire, who taught me yoga and fought for gender equality in the Knox athletic programs; Dr. Tom Hartmann, who taught me the value of a carefully reasoned argument; Dr. Brady, who gave me a lifelong appreciation for Shakespeare; Dr. Jay Minn and spouse Nicki Minn, who welcomed me to their home and taught me much. To all of you, thank you.

Christine Poelma '71

I love being able to stand on the last existing site of the Lincoln-Douglas debates

Jeanne Marie Schultz '79

I loved the evenings in Ramadan when fasting students gathered to break fast.

Linda Lobik '79

Green Oaks: few small colleges are fortunate enough to have a field station so close by, as well as one with large restored prairies, oak woodlands, and a diversity of other habitats.

Judith O'Keefe van der Linden '73

I love Knox because it exposed me to areas of study that I wouldn't have otherwise found. I also really loved Farm Term. It was the highlight of my time at Knox.

Eugene Beckman '76

I loved intramural softball and basketball and ice skating on the Gizmo patio during the winter when they used to flood it.

Jim Rosenthal '79

The most lovable quality that Knox College has is its modesty and honesty about what the college actually is. In an age where virtually all colleges and universities stand out by virtue of shameless self-promotion and ceaseless drum-beating on their own behalf, the way that Knox College describes itself and celebrates its simple virtues is outstanding and unusual. People and buildings come and go; even academic departments come and go, through eras, but the idea and ideal of the institution remains the same. THAT is something to celebrate, to admire, and to love. A college that describes itself plainly and honestly and sticks to its mission is an institution worth loving.

Linda Lobik '79

A sense of history, for both Knox and Galesburg, which would strike me every time I walked past Old Main and saw the plaque commemorating the Lincoln Douglas Debate; traveling to Carl Sandburg's birthplace, not far off campus; and even walking on the brick sidewalks.

Jeanne Marie Schultz '79

I loved watching Professor Phil Harring's three inch long cigarette ash hanging on for dear life as he lectured the freshman political science class.

Jeanne Marie Schultz '79

I loved watching Professor Seibert as he taught Islam the first year. He was as excited as we were.

Jeanne Marie Schultz '79

I loved having a carol at the end of a row in the stacks in Seymour Library. It felt cozy.

Bob Fischer '71

WVKC and the old control room in the basement of Whiting Hall.

Jerry Fayhee '72

I first saw my wife in the Faces booklet. I had her picture circled. At Pumphandle, I jerked her out of line and said “We're going out.”

Karen Ruedi Crowell '72

I love Knox because of it's abolitionist history and what it stands for.

Linda Lobik '79

Those squirrels! They were so tame that usually they would ignore you until you walked within two feet of them, and occasionally you would observe them exhibiting unusual squirrel behavior -- like lying on their bellies on a branch, while eating at the same time!

Paul Heine '75

I love the ginkgo trees and buckeyes in autumn; I know that if my life went to hell in a handbasket tomorrow and I needed a safe place to come and be supported, Knox would be that place.

Linda Lobik '79

The campus community itself -- the fact that Knox is small enough that eventually you can meet almost everyone, and strike up a conversation with almost anyone.

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