Janelle Curtis Eckdahl '01

I love Knox because I got to know my professors personally, I met my husband there, and I had the opportunity to get involved with many different things.

Linda Lobik '79

A sense of history, for both Knox and Galesburg, which would strike me every time I walked past Old Main and saw the plaque commemorating the Lincoln Douglas Debate; traveling to Carl Sandburg's birthplace, not far off campus; and even walking on the brick sidewalks.

Blair Peters '13

I love the cozy feeling of the campus -- that the farthest walk to class is barely five minutes. 

Betty Nowlen Walton '50

1946-1950 were the best days for anyone to go to Knox. It was when the GI's came back from World War II.

Linda Hall '69

The personal attention of the professors for their students.  Most of mine were available whenever I had a subject that needed clarification.  I also loved the hot fudge sundaes at The Gizmo.

Susan Shea Worthington '61

Playing Bridge in the Gizmo with professors while cutting biology class. (Anonymous)

Jim Rosenthal '79

The most lovable quality that Knox College has is its modesty and honesty about what the college actually is. In an age where virtually all colleges and universities stand out by virtue of shameless self-promotion and ceaseless drum-beating on their own behalf, the way that Knox College describes itself and celebrates its simple virtues is outstanding and unusual. People and buildings come and go; even academic departments come and go, through eras, but the idea and ideal of the institution remains the same. THAT is something to celebrate, to admire, and to love. A college that describes itself plainly and honestly and sticks to its mission is an institution worth loving.

Shane Donegan '10

One of the things I love the most about Knox is the Knox College Choir and Choir tour every spring break. The fondest memories I have of my time at Knox was with the choir and touring the Midwest and Spain. I am a proud choir alum.

Raluca Oprinca '12

The moral and financial support it gives you to achieve your dreams. I love traveling and languages, thus with the help of Knox, I studied abroad in Costa Rica and Argentina. I am currently in France, and I'm going to Spain afterward. I also volunteered in India and Peru and presented the research that I did in Costa Rica at a conference in Germany, which included complementary trips to France and Switzerland. What's more, I had the occasion to go with different Knox clubs to various conferences in different states in the Midwest and around the country.

Annika Paulsen '12

My favorite thing about Knox is how excited and knowledgeable my professors are and how involved they are in students' lives. 

Zoey Kudla '13

I love being able to participate in athletics at the collegiate level.

Laura Martin '82

I loved walking in the worn places on the steps of Old Main where so many students have walked.

Margaret Fleetwood '04

The seemingly endless nature of Seymour Library. Every time I walk into that place, even now, I find some wonderful new spot good for reading, spreading out and studying, or (more realistically) napping.

Catherine Denial
Assistant Professor of History

My office, which sits looking out over the same piece of land Lincoln and Douglas faced in their fifth debate. From my window I can see students walking between classes, professors and staff members on their way to and from work, students practicing yoga, and dance, and fencing.

Nancy McLellan Merritt '32

At one service at Beecher Chapel, the choir sang "Listen to the Lambs." Some wag, probably safely hidden in the balcony, would sing out a wail each time the choir would intone "Listen to the lambs, all a-crying." It took some stage presence to keep from breaking up.

 Jan Pope Mulvaney '69

The Knox Hymn -- it always makes me cry; I can hardly sing it.  The words ring true and the melody is lovely.

Rose Dunphy McAndrew '02

I love the library. It's beautiful!

Mike Pope '64

Knox was my family away from home. For four years, I was part of the family as an employee, and, as an alum of more than 45 years, it is still my family. It was an emotional experience and still is today. I love Knox for all it gave me and for allowing me to be a part of that family.

Karla Gasca '14

The thing I love most about Knox is the fact that you can grow into the person YOU want to be.

Jeanne Marie Schultz '79

I loved having a carol at the end of a row in the stacks in Seymour Library. It felt cozy.

Elizabeth Carlin-Metz
Professor of Theatre

Knox College is always at its best when it recognizes a moment of true innovation and immediately swings into action to make a dream a reality.

Margaret Fleetwood '04

The metal cabinets in the basement of SMC -- the ones adorned with typewritten labels indicating bizarre old samples, and the ones labeled by students with funny things like "Gateway to Narnia" or "Bad First Years." What a delightful collection.

Nancy Rayburn Bryant '78

What I treasure most, and the reason I gladly sent my son to Knox (Nolan Bryant ’09), was the dedication of the Knox faculty.  I would like to recognize, in particular: Dr. Dorothy Granskog, who introduced me to educational psychology and the underpinnings of my life's work; Dr. Harlan Knosher, head coach, who taped my ankles himself before the first ever Knox women's volleyball game; Drs. Wayne Green and John Boyd, who taught me introductory physics as an independent study -- and I was a senior elementary education major; Ms. Michele Loomis, coach extraordinaire, who taught me yoga and fought for gender equality in the Knox athletic programs; Dr. Tom Hartmann, who taught me the value of a carefully reasoned argument; Dr. Brady, who gave me a lifelong appreciation for Shakespeare; Dr. Jay Minn and spouse Nicki Minn, who welcomed me to their home and taught me much. To all of you, thank you.

Joan Kleerup Mansfield '54

I loved meeting new people, being a cheerleader, eating snacks in the Gizmo, playing bridge after dinner in Whiting Hall, and now, I love belonging to the FYC.

Natalie Clark
Web Editor & New Media Specialist

I like the generosity of the people who work here: by bringing a meal to a new family, a Knox member who is having surgery, grieving the loss of a loved one, etc.

Emma Poland '12

What I love most about Knox is knowing that, in the few short years spent here, I've found my life-long friends. And I love that during spring term, every lawn has people playing something like frisbee, campus golf, soccer, badminton, and even bocce ball.

Paul Heine '75

I love the ginkgo trees and buckeyes in autumn; I know that if my life went to hell in a handbasket tomorrow and I needed a safe place to come and be supported, Knox would be that place.

Robert Willett '50

Knox literally and figuratively saved my life. As a member of the 3659th Service Unit, ASTRP, the six months I spent from June until December 1944 kept me out of the Battle of the Bulge, the Okinawa campaign, and the planned invasion of Japan. How could you not love something that did all that?

Judith O'Keefe van der Linden '73

I love Knox because it exposed me to areas of study that I wouldn't have otherwise found. I also really loved Farm Term. It was the highlight of my time at Knox.

Allison Smith '10

It gave me the opportunity to explore avenues of thought that I could never have imagined.

Shirley Huggins Cooper '77

I loved studying trilobites with Dr. DeMott, and field trips with Dewey Moore were highlights.

Cynthia Moore Waddell '87

I love Knox because of the squirrels!

Rob Clark '95

I love the Knox College Choir, Knox Ultimate Frisbee Team (that I started). I love Knox because I can go to a school where I can major in one thing but later on prepare myself for something completely different.

Debbi English Kaczorowski '93

I love that first beautiful spring day that draws you out of the suite and onto Post lawn. Winter is a shock to some of our systems (coming from California and the like), so when the thermometer reaches a much more reasonable 60, 65 or even -- gasp! -- 70, you need to leave the gloomy suite and bask in the sun. Homework be damned.

Gemma Truman Billings '03

The gingko tree in front of Seymour library.
Staying up late with fellow procrastinators writing papers at the Gizmo patio.
The couch in front of Sigma Nu.

Jeanne Marie Schultz '79

I loved watching Professor Seibert as he taught Islam the first year. He was as excited as we were.

Elizabeth Thompson Sarles '60

I met my four best friends at Knox!

Claire Bailey Roehl '84

I loved sledding in the Knox Bowl.

Cynthia May Schmidt '83

I loved being able to do athletics as well as academics.

Erin Bell '13

I absolutely love the green springtime! Everything is budding, and everyone gets to switch into sandals and t-shirts, and there's a greater chance that we'll have class outside.

Karen Ruedi Crowell '72

I love Knox because of it's abolitionist history and what it stands for.

Jeanne Marie Schultz '79

I loved the evenings in Ramadan when fasting students gathered to break fast.

Robin Metz
Philip Sydney Post Professor of English

From a perspective of nearly half a century, I can state without hesitation that what I "love most" about Knox College is the extraordinary, dynamic, relentless tango between forces alive to reinvigorating the Knox vision and forces dedicated to maintaining its structural core. This is the dance of Dionysus and Apollo; this is the stuff of Merce Cunningham, Hanya Holm, Martha Graham, Bill T. Jones, or  “Dancing With the Stars”—as lighthearted as Rogers and Astaire, as heartrending as the flamenco of Seville.

Jerry Fayhee '72

I first saw my wife in the Faces booklet. I had her picture circled. At Pumphandle, I jerked her out of line and said “We're going out.”

Christine Purtell Deblock '91

International Fair. Every year the quality of the booths, food, and entertainment blew me away. I loved being part of it. Having the kitchen staff be so helpful in the preparations was great, and it was wonderful to have the whole Knox and Galesburg community support this event.

Linda Le Phan '13

I love the squirrels the most! The faculty in general is wonderful. The accepting atmosphere of the campus is also a major plus

Steve Fox Yasukawa '06

I continue to believe that Green Oaks was the most significant element of my education at Knox. Even with all of the changes that time and subsequent groups contribute to the property, it is the single place where I feel completely at home. Whenever I am in the general vicinity I make a point to visit there, even though I usually leave scratching the poison ivy blisters that spread everywhere. I've been in Seattle almost five years now and been to Washington's rainforest, glacial lakes, craggy mountains, vast Palouse planes, and up its gigantic volcanoes. I worked in Alaska where there are more glaciers than people, and the geology is greater than that of heaven. That said none of it is as significant as Green Oaks (our woodlands, our cornfields). That place will always be home.

Elisa Pascale Shields '13

The focus on the individual, especially in class. Teachers are always willing to help or just talk after class.

Eleanor Ognacevic '12

I love the awesome professors who are actually more like friends.

Martha Baumgarten '11

I love Writer's Block and Red Room Tutoring and all the other fabulous support that the Center for Teaching and Learning provides!

Jordyn Stewart '14

The squirrels. The opportunities are pretty cool, too. And the people. The people are all quirky, but in a really fantastic Knox way that gives one the warm fuzzies. But mostly the squirrels.

Linda Lobik '79

Green Oaks: few small colleges are fortunate enough to have a field station so close by, as well as one with large restored prairies, oak woodlands, and a diversity of other habitats.

Marcy Wiget '04

Like so many others, my favorite things about Knox, and the first things I think of--Old Main and the Lincoln-Douglas debate held there, the brick sidewalks, watching the cricketers out on the lawn, falling asleep everywhere in Seymour Library (oh, and studying and working too), Studio lobby and so many acting classes there, the professors who taught me how to think critically and the friends who continue to help me laugh--every day, I am glad that I went to Knox.

Jeanne Marie Schultz '79

I loved watching Professor Phil Harring's three inch long cigarette ash hanging on for dear life as he lectured the freshman political science class.

Terry Wawzenik
Knox Parent

I love the friendliness of the people at Knox.  From our first visit on a cold Martin Luther King Jr. holiday . . . to my son's Admitted Student Day . . . to bringing him to school, taking him home, Parent's Weekend, or other visits . . . everyone we come in contact with is smiling at us, offering a friendly hello, making us feel welcome. It's a good feeling. And by everyone, I mean everyone: students, Admissions staff/volunteers, Roger and Anne Taylor, professor/teachers, other employees. EVERYONE!

Eugene Beckman '76

I loved intramural softball and basketball and ice skating on the Gizmo patio during the winter when they used to flood it.

Nancy McLellan Merritt '32

Organ students had to use the organ in Beecher Chapel. One of my happy memories was hearing the organ students playing their scales on the pedals. The year I lived on the back of Whiting Hall was punctuated by the sound of those scales, up and down.

Paige Anderson '14

What I love about Knox is the fact that you can talk about any musical, and someone will sing a few bars. If you talk about some obscure movie, one of your friends will actually know what you're talking about, and if you want to discuss an idea, it's never hard to find someone else who wants to too.

Eleanor Ognacevic '12

I actually do love the red squirrels.

Eunice Nelson Sullivan '83

A liberal arts degree taught me how to think and it's really the best type of education. It was part of everything we did.

Linda Lobik '79

Those squirrels! They were so tame that usually they would ignore you until you walked within two feet of them, and occasionally you would observe them exhibiting unusual squirrel behavior -- like lying on their bellies on a branch, while eating at the same time!

Kelsey Ingle '11

Craig Choma's lighting design finals -- they're beautiful, and they're called "Dances with Light."

Linda Lobik '79

The campus community itself -- the fact that Knox is small enough that eventually you can meet almost everyone, and strike up a conversation with almost anyone.

Catherine Denial
Assistant Professor of History

I love Commencement -- the faces of the graduating class, their friends and family members -- and I love the honor guard that the faculty make for the students as they leave the ceremony, newly minted as alums.

Christine Poelma '71

I love being able to stand on the last existing site of the Lincoln-Douglas debates

Mollie Miller Thorn '69

I love the wonderful lifelong friendships I made there. The warmth of the Knox Family, the spirit of community involvement, and the truly due process democracy that governed the College resonated in me. The Knox family values provided me an opening to form meaningful relationships. 

Ward Knockemus '55

I love Knox because it's a Lincoln-Douglas debate site. I always sit on the Lincoln bench when I visit!

Bob Fischer '71

WVKC and the old control room in the basement of Whiting Hall.

Justin Steele '13

I love the Knox bubble, breakfast bagels in the Gizmo, looking at the stars from SMAC's roof, Flunk Day scares, the cool educational culture, and the freedom to flourish.

Nancy McLellan Merritt '32

Starting with the corner of Whiting Hall, Beecher Chapel was the next building, then King Cole's Book Shop, then The Conservatory -- housed in an old dwelling -- then the Galesburg Public Library. In front of all this passed the local trolley in the middle of the street. Across the street was Galesburg High School.

Clara Duff
Knox Parent

Various Knox staff members reaching out individually to help my daughter with a personal crisis.

John Drake '80

My favorite is that any time of year, whenever I’m in the area, I can stop by the campus, walk through, and feel quite at home, even after 30 some years. I've walked through Old Main on a hot July Sunday when no one else seemed to be on the campus and walked through the Quads in a snowstorm. Even though there are physical changes (the absence of balconies in the Quads in particular), there's an appealing timelessness to our campus.

Lil María Castro-Rosabal '88

"Perspective," often appears to change according to what is being compared to, i.e., what variables are considered in the matrix and its era. It is the beholder's eyes that aid shape "perspective and appearance", giving space to the intangibles to depict reality and carve a personality and identity to an institution. At Knox College, one can fall in love with its intangibles, making you part of a lifelong relationship, that persists and grow stronger, every year after graduation.
What our Cheerleading picture, KNOX Now, 1987, appears to be, is for me a deeper reality than its facade. It symbolizes and represents a clear vision of our founding fathers. It represents the dream and expectation of our dear President Lincoln, and the main reason for America, and the world to exist: "All men are created equal and have the right to seek happiness." It also attests to the importance of "access to education to men and women", and that all this, is possible at Knox College. Men and women can educate themselves, achieve better lives, seek for freedom, happiness and peace, help others, and be contributors to our endangered Planet.
All this can be achieved at Knox College, thanks to the 1837 premise, that "outstanding students can have the opportunity to study at Knox College, without regard to economic assets, race, country of origin, or gender. Knox College is by far an example, that the dreams of our founding fathers', can come true. This can only happen, because Knox College is an institution that "lives within its means", but strives to achieve its mission and established criteria, i.e., carrying an "ethical and moral business conduct protocol", hard to find in this globalized world. Knox College has been able to fulfill its mission through all historical events and ride out all economic crises, i.e., World War I, World War II, The Great Depression, The Great Recession, etc.
I always will remember our squad and the sport letters that we hold, alongside an outstanding Knox College education. The fact, that many of our meetings or "Sports Team locker decorating," occasionally were held at 5 AM and 6 AM so that our curriculum would not "be damaged or interfered" with, by Cheerleading activities; can define what were "our priorities as well as Knox's." Love every cheer that we did, and feel very proud of our basketball, and football players, as well as all the sport programs, i.e., Chris Vogel 90', All American... and we were part of it! Our Cheerleading picture is not only a tangible, but it holds all the intangibles that I love about Knox College and its mission. Hail to Knox College!

Guenko Roussev '95

I love the Knox community. As an international student, it was much easier to come to a new country and make friends at Knox than it would have been otherwise.

Stephanie Sorensen '12

I love Sunday Brunch. It seems like the whole campus is at the caf at the same time enjoying Spudos doughnuts, strawberries, and spending hours chatting and avoiding homework.  

Raluca Oprinca '12

The power some professors have to transform classes that sound extremely uninteresting into the best classes you've ever taken in your life. I'm talking specifically about Analytical Chemistry with Larry Welch, a fantastic person.

Barbara Ann Karr Smith '70

"Beauty Shop" hairdryers in the basement of Whiting Hall! Sharing french fries and a coke in the Gizmo with my husband to be Stephen B. Smith, also 1970. Professors who knew my name. Professors who still remembered me decades after graduation!

Elizabeth Grana '06

Choosing Knox was the best decision of my life. I got a well-rounded, fantastic education, I had teachers who truly cared about the well-being of my education, and I make friends that will last a lifetime.

Brian Wilson '90

Twenty years later, I still have the phone numbers and addresses of my professors and I stay in touch.

Alison Spataro '12

I especially love the old mailboxes in the mail room. I hope they never get replaced!

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